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  • 20 years of looking back on the journey of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company

20 years of looking back on the journey of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company

After 6 years of development, on July 21, 2007, in the ancient capital of Hue, Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company held a solemn meeting and officially switched to operating under the group model with 8 subsidiaries. and member companies oriented development in both breadth and depth, reorganized the management system according to ISO standards, striving to achieve 5S, 6S and 8S standards. ALMEDIC GROUP - now AMV GROUP affirms to continue to invest in business, especially in people to move to PROFESSIONAL

  • Operating under the Group model, which requires expanding market coverage and expanding customers, a number of ALMEDIC's managers have pioneered to step into the South, bringing the Company's market share to all 63 provinces. Fort. The Group's business network completes the coverage of the S-shaped map.
    Export activities are also focused on developing by the Group. In 2007, the ALMEDIC International Business division was formed with the first name ALMEDIC Export.
    Since the first year of establishment, ALMEDIC Export has established trade relationships with neighboring countries in Southeast Asia: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand... Export sales grow sustainably by 10-20% annually.

    In 2018, ALMEDIC Export reached the export milestone of 1 million USD for the first time
    In 2019, export growth continued to reach 1.7 million USD.
    The year of Covid 2020 was turbulent, exports decreased to 1.3 million USD and completed new registration and re-registered some important and key products.
    ALMEDIC Export continues to seek customers and export opportunities to countries in the region.
    How has human resource management at AMV Group changed in 20 years of establishment and development?
    In the first 5 years, ALMEDIC JSC mainly focused on hard skills: recruiting and training staff. In the next five years when Vietnam joined WTO, ALMEDIC carried out restructuring, staff size increased to 250%, paid attention to soft skills development, invested in evaluation, emulation - commendation activities. reward.
    To meet the group model with 7 member companies, 20 branches, domestic and foreign representative offices and investment projects Safpo, Potec, Fastex, Gentical with a staff size of up to 420 members , the mission of our Human Resources Department focuses on training to develop the team. Long-term, short-term, domestic and international training plans, and internal training are deployed extensively throughout the Group.
    From 2016 until now, the size of the Group's personnel has reached nearly 800 people, human resource management has to change both model and structure. In order to manage, AMV has applied 4.0 technology, especially applied in recruitment management, personnel assessment, and administrative procedures are reduced to help employees optimize their work performance.

    It can be said that changes in technology have made the current human resource management model more open and shared. The relationship between enterprises and employees will change from legally binding - contract to binding on commitment to work and the principle of sharing work and sharing profits.
    When working with many foreign partners, especially with large corporations, do they have any requirements?
    Yes. In order to sign international commercial contracts, foreign suppliers learn about the Company through financial and human criteria as well as potential for market development. In addition, they also require partners to actively comply with the provisions of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Code (FCPA) of the Committee on Security and Exchange – US Department of Justice.
    ALMEDIC places the greatest value on the Integrity of the Group and its subsidiaries, branches and divisions, so all ALMEDIC employees are trained and signed a commitment to implement the Anti-Corruption Policy – waste of the Group (collectively, the “ACPA Policy”).
    This policy applies to the Company including its subsidiaries, branches and departments.
    All Directors, officers and employees must comply with the applicable laws in each country in which the Company does business; It is necessary to understand and comply with this Anti-Corruption and Waste Policy.
    ACPA is an anti-corruption - waste policy built on the principles and rules of ALMEDIC in accordance with the principles of Vietnamese law.
    Complying with ACPA contributes to the prevention of waste within the Group, contributing to raising the sense of responsibility, the sense of respect for the strength and human power of the members of the Group, which means repelling corruption and waste. .
    Complying with ACPA avoids the hassle of corruption related to Persons with positions and powers who use the State budget, capital and assets, avoiding the risks of law violations.
    So, over 20 years of establishment and development, how has the business apparatus of AMV Group developed?

    20 years of business operating in the field of investment and trade, mainly in the field of Health, the business team of AMV Group with 5 main product lines Vaccines, Diagnostic Biologicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Functional Foods and Health Services have always tried to bring the Company's products to all parts of the country, from urban areas to district health centers. The Board of Directors is always looking for products of high quality, meeting international standards to meet the needs of domestic customers and always changing to meet the new requirements of society.

    On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the corporation, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our customers who have accompanied and supported us during the past time. Please send to the Board of Directors and members of AMV group good health, strength and confidence. Wish ALMEDIC JSC always develop sustainably and prosper.
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