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  • Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company (ALMEDIC JSC) was established in July 2001, right after the amendment of Enterprise Law, with the original name of Duc Minh Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company. The founder is Pharmacist Nguyen Binh Minh.
    Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company has had more than 21 years of operation in the medical field. The main scope of focus is on trading activities, import and export process, international cooperation, technology transfer and investment in production and medical services with the following industries as vaccines, diagnostic biologicals, pharmaceuticals, functional products, medical services and medicine storage services.
    The company's head office is located at 51/205/323/83 Xuan Dinh, Xuan Dinh Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi. The company has branches and GSP warehouses in Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City and 01 joint venture for vaccine production in Da Lat.
    Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company has continuously developed and expanded for more than 21 years, and at the same time invest in the field of production, business, export and investment to serve the healthcare industry in both domestically and internationally. The foundation of Duc Minh will definitely continue to grow in a professional and effective way. An important element that contribute to Duc Minh’s current development is the result of active working pace and synchronous connection of different Units, Divisions in the company with the support of Suppliers and the ongoing trust from Duc Minh’s clients.
    During its operation, Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company always innovates its business models to match with the requirements of state management agencies as well as the increasing demand for quality medical products and services. The company constantly innovates and stays up to date in order to stand out from other competitors. The remarkable innovations of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company are the joint venture to produce vaccines to stabilize prices, export and share more value with partners in the supply chain and the investment in building and developing a chain of vaccination rooms and services with high safety-effectiveness standards in order to contribute to fairness for people to have easier access of vaccines and at the same time provide quality health services, including remote and isolated communities according to the policy of the Ministry of Health.
    Recognizing the contributions to the community and to society, the Board of Directors and members of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company have been honored many times to be awarded certificates of merit by state management agencies, with many noble rewards.
    In the next stage of the new cycle, Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company will continue to accompany the health industry, giving priority to the field of prevention and diagnosis.
    The company is committed to implementing a part of social responsibility according to core values ​​and sharing cultures, in order to create a foundation for sustainable development and contribute more to the community and society.
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