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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment is one of the 5 main lines of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company and one of the 3 industries that bring the highest revenue for the business. The company is currently a product license holder and is also a direct importer and distributor in the Vietnamese market of more than 500 medical equipment products focusing on diagnostic testing from leading brands in the world such as SD/Abbott, Quidel (USA), Siemens (Germany), CerTest (Spain), Bioneer (Korea), SD Biosensor (Korea), Fujirebio (Japan), BioLytica (Canada) and so on.
The medical equipment industry is divided into two main product groups: Chemical equipment for rapid testing and Elisa (Diagnostic 1 – DIA 1); and Instrumentation chemistry equipment including Point of Care rapid in situ analyzers and molecular biology assays (Diagnostic 3 - DIA 3).
Introduction to Diagnostic 1 – DIA 1
Duc Minh Company is a pioneer in bringing rapid diagnostic test products and Elisa of world brands such as SD - Korea (now Abbott Diagnostic - Korea) and Diasorin (Italy) developed in Vietnam  from more than 20 years ago. Up to now, many product lines provided by the company have created good reputation and stable credibility for customers such as "SD Bioline", "Murex". The company is also the first unit to obtain a circulation license and supply to Vietnam the rapid HIV self-testing product of the manufacturer BioLytical (Canada).
Many rapid testing products provided by the company are included in the list of WHO-PQ, CE, USAID, approved by prestigious organizations in the world (Global Fund, USAID, WHO, PATH…). Health facilities across the country also trust and choose those products to diagnose HIV, HbsAg, HCV, syphilis, Dengue, influenza, RSV, COVID-19, Rotavirus, Adenovirus.
The company always prioritizes quality first and wants to contribute to helping doctors so that they can have effective and accurate diagnostic tools, as well as helping medical staff to choose a reasonable treatment plan, reduce costs and time, limit the spread of the disease to the community, thereby contributing to improving people's health.
For more detailed information about Dia1 products, please contact:
Phone number: 09887778790
Or directly to the company at the address: Duc Minh Health Joint Stock Company, number 51 alley 205 alley 323/83 Xuan Dinh street, Xuan Dinh ward, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi.
Introduction to Diagnostic 3 – DIA 3 
In addition to the group of rapid tests that have successfully built a brand in Vietnam, Duc Minh company is also one of the reputable companies providing molecular biological equipment and chemicals from leading brands such as Bioneer, CerTest, SD Biosensor. The products of these brands are highly appreciated by users for their quality as well as technical support and after-sales service.
Talking about Duc Minh, it is impossible not to mention the world famous Point of Care testing equipments such as EPOC (Epocal, Canada), Triage (Quidel, USA), Standard F, G6PD Analyzer (SD Biosensor) have been registered, imported and distributed by the company. Products that meet CE, FDA standards from G7 countries with strict product rules are always a reliable choice for medical staff in hot departments such as emergency resuscitation, active resuscitation, and so on. Cardiovascular, operating room meet the topicality to assist doctors in making the fastest treatment decisions, thereby shortening the time of hospitalization and treatment, making a significant contribution to the reduction of cost and the length of hospital stay of the patient.
With the reputation and prestige in the medical equipment industry of Vietnam, Duc Minh company has been trusted and selected as the distributor of IVD products of Bioneer (Korea) - the number 1 name in Asia in the field of medical equipment and molecular biology. Chemicals for extracting nucleic acids for very high purity, HIV, HBV, HCV viral load tests have become very popular in hospitals treating chronic infections across the country.

Not only famous for viral load measurement products, the company also has many very unique diagnostic products such as TB/Extrapulmonary TB/Multidrug-resistant TB, influenza A/B/H1N1 differential, and influenza A/B/H1N1 differential diagnosis, different types of parainfluenza, distinguishing RSV A/RSV B, distinguishing influenza/covid, Adenovirus/Enterovirus are all well-known products worldwide from Bioneer, SD Biosensor CerTest.
All of the company's POC devices and molecular biology systems are intelligently designed, user-friendly, and provide the functionality of connecting test data to the laboratory information network (LIS) and hospitals (HIS) to help synchronize and manage data efficiently and economically.
For more detailed information about Dia3 products, please contact:
Phone number: 098.111.6623
Or directly to the company at the address: Duc Minh Health Joint Stock Company, number 51 alley 205 alley 323/83 Xuan Dinh street, Xuan Dinh ward, Bac Tu Liem district, Hanoi.

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