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  • 20 years of cooperation for mutual development between Duc Minh and Dong Au

20 years of cooperation for mutual development between Duc Minh and Dong Au

Although 20 years is not a long way, for businesses it is a constant effort to survive and develop with many ups and downs in production and business activities. Since its establishment, 02 units have always accompanied, shared experiences and supported each other to achieve certain successes; affirming brand value in private healthcare activities and making positive contributions to the community.

  • Marking an important historical milestone in the relationship, sustainable and comprehensive cooperation, April 23, 2021 at the hall of Dong Au Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company - Vinh city - Nghe An province , the leaders of the two companies happily organized the event "20 years of cooperation and development".
    In the dignified and warm atmosphere of the hall where this special event took place, the Organizing Committee of the program is honored and proud to welcome distinguished guests who are representatives of the People's Committee of Nghe An province. , leaders of the provincial Department of Health and the director of the hospital, the director of the Center for Disease Control and representatives of the leaders of agencies and departments in Nghe An province came to congratulate!
    Pharmacist Ngo Sy Huu - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dong Au Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company shared through his opening speech with many emotions:
    “The images of the 20th anniversary are still imprinted in the memory to every detail as if it happened yesterday, but a very long way has passed with many memorable events; so many difficulties, hardships with joys and pride. Today, celebrating 20 years of cooperation and development, we are moved to look back at ourselves, indeed, over the long journey, there have been great changes in the stature and position of the two companies in the healthcare industry.
    Right from the early days of establishment, in the period when the country is undergoing renovation, we asked ourselves: What is the most practical thing for myself, for my family, and to contribute a lot to the homeland? How can I contribute most effectively in my very limited capacity to help the country overcome difficulties? Along with the dreams and aspirations burning from the bottom of our hearts like every Vietnamese, we have both done and thought a lot to define our direction and mission. In the situation of extreme poverty, with a small amount of capital and modest luggage, we understand that the road to the dream shore is still very long and thorny. Only perseverance, determination, sacrifice, and endurance can expect to reach the destination. Since then, we have always been faithful to the chosen direction and mission of comprehensive cooperation between the two companies with the following goals:
    – First: Provide customers with the best, most economical and fastest products and services.
    – Second: Create a working environment that brings the highest efficiency in order to fully promote the talents of each employee. From there, fully satisfy the needs and dreams of each employee. each, bringing reasonable profits to the Company and satisfactory returns to shareholders; at the same time, contribute the most to the country and society.
    Along with those missions, one of the important policies that we have implemented during the past 20 years is the spirit of peace in business cooperation.
    True to the motto "peace conquers the top", we always try to find a common voice with our customers and partners with all our sincerity and goodwill. We believe that all issues can be satisfactorily resolved in the spirit of respecting fairness and equality, ensuring the harmony of interests of the parties. And indeed, although the construction work has many obstacles and difficulties, there are easy disagreements and conflicts, but we have never let any unfortunate conflicts happen.
    The things that we pursue have been warmly supported and encouraged by customers, partners, friends and the whole society. It is his efforts, the guidance of his father's generation along with that support, help and encouragement. Especially, the attention and facilitation of leaders of the province, city, health sector and Nghe An Center for Disease Control, has brought Duc Minh - Dong Au to today's results. Let's take a look at some historical landmarks, such as:
    - Period from 2001 -2005: Specialized in supplying pharmaceutical products;
    - Period from 2006 - 2009: Pharmaceutical + Vaccine + Biological products;
    - Period from 2010 - 2015: Hospital operation and supply of Pharmaceuticals + Vaccines + Biologicals;
    - Period from 2015 - 2021: Open more Immunization Departments and continue to operate Hospitals, supply Pharmaceuticals + Vaccines + Biologicals;
    We affirm that we will continue to pursue the defined missions and policies. Duc Minh - Eastern Europe always boldly has innovations in management methods, business plans or techniques and technologies, but the above missions and policies will never change. Because we clearly understand that based on that foundation, a highly humanized corporate culture has been formed, creating a decisive core value for the sustainable development of Duc Minh - Eastern Europe ".
    The relationship - cooperation between the two companies is not only in production and business activities, but in which the leaders of the two units share the same direction, which is to prioritize investment in the field of high-quality healthcare in the locality. Phuong aims to share a part of the burden on the public health system and make positive contributions to the community through volunteering activities.
    In recognition of the positive contributions in local health activities of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company and Eastern Europe Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company during the past journey. On April 7, 2021, the Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People's Committee decided to award certificates of merit to:
    1. Collective: Duc Minh Health Joint Stock Company "Have made many contributions to disease prevention in Nghe An province".
    2. Personal: Dr. Phan Quoc Viet - Dong Au General Hospital was awarded a certificate of merit by the Provincial People's Committee "For having made many achievements in the construction and development of Eastern Europe General Hospital, contributing to the cause of care and protection of people's health".
    Speaking when awarding the Certificate of Merit from the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee to the Leaders of 02 companies. Mr. Bui Dinh Long - Member of Provincial Party Committee - Vice Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People's Committee highly appreciated this 20-year strong cooperation; at the same time wishes to continue to receive more attention and investment; contributions of businesses in general and of Duc Minh - Dong Au to Nghe An Province in many fields.
    One of the prides, affirming the determination and vision of Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company (AMV Group) is to serve the health industry, taking the quality of prevention as a core value. is a pioneer in investment in preventive medicine. AMV Group has made significant progress by investing in the health service sector, initially spearheading public-private partnership in vaccination services. The aim is to bring high quality medical services and a variety of products closer to the community in all provinces and cities across the country through a system of service vaccination clinics under the model of public partnership cooperation. private and private partners. In the coming time, the Group will continue to be invested to expand in quantity and improve service quality to meet the criteria of "health is gold" of the people.
    Dr. Nguyen Binh Minh - Chairman of the Board of Directors - General Director gave best wishes to thank the distinguished guests who came to attend this special event; Thank you to the leaders of Nghe An Province, the Department of Health and related departments for trusting and creating favorable conditions for the legal corridor for the cooperation between Duc Minh - Eastern Europe during the past 20 years. Dr. Nguyen Binh Minh affirmed and committed to continue to invest in Nghe An province in the field of health services to expand public-private and private cooperation to districts in the province; At the same time, he wants the People's Committee of Nghe An province to consider prioritizing and creating conditions for a suitable land in the locality so that AMV Group can invest in cultivating and preserving the original varieties of medicinal herbs for the production industry. Medicinal materials of Vietnam in the future.
    Believe and affirm that the cooperation between Duc Minh Medical Joint Stock Company and Eastern Europe Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Joint Stock Company will grow stronger and more sustainable.
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